May 2018 Calendar

In a world of fiercely driven entrepreneurship, I recently had the pleasure to listen to Ann Kim, bonafide female badass, speak about the trials and tribulations that come with owning your own business. As a “How She Built This” panelist at The Coven Minneapolis, she spoke about the moments that made her career what it is today; and all the things that come with taking chances to pursue your passions.

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 10.24.26 AM
In a past interview with City Pages, she elaborated on the moment that she decided to tackle fear head on.

“Unfortunately, a lot of our decisions we make in life are based in fear,” she says. “I think the story’s resonating because a lot of people look at the choices they’re making. And they’re looking for courage to break out, and do something goddamn authentic.”

Her passion for her companies as a female business owner is ever inspiring, and that is where this month’s quote comes from. She spoke about the importance of knowing your value and being true to that standard, because no one is going to value you more.





“If you don’t like your path, then change it. I’ve reinvented myself multiple times now. Who knows? Ten years from now, I might do it again.” -Ann Kim


Miranda Soukup is a Minneapolis based art director, woodworker, and Diet Coke addict.

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