Best Of The Brits: Top 7 Ads From The Arrows (According To Me)

Our neighbors across the pond are indisputably superior to Americans in certain areas; afternoon tea, attractive accents, and excellent advertising.

The BrandLab, which is a program that helps connect high school students to ad industry professionals, hosted a screening of the British Arrow Awards at The Walker Art Museum. My colleagues and I were more than happy to drink lots of beer and laugh at excellent ads. (Because it’s basically the same thing as the Superbowl, without all the sports junk).

The best of the best were rounded up for this year’s Arrow, which are judged by seasoned industry vets and creative geniuses, but here are the best, according to me.

All the feels.

‘Bcuz kids and old people.

Most Powerful

Because women are the best breed of human.

Makes you go, “CUUUUUUTE”

As if we don’t all watch enough clumsy children videos on Youtube already.

Best PSA

Hard working children and all the feels.

A Tie For Funniest

Because who can choose between men in spandex and uncomfortable situations..

Best Throwback

An oldie, but a goodie.

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