January Calendar, Goal Tracker & To Do List

New year, new month, new mindset, but you know what’s not new? That your monthly calendar is late.

And this month, even later than usual. The past three months have been the busiest I’ve been in… I don’t even remember how long. So busy that these printable have been designed for a week but I couldn’t find a moment to sit down and post them. But what stupid, half witty line can I write about a new year and desktop calendar without thinking about what 2017 is going to mean for me?

I’ve spent the last week giving some thought to a good resolution, but struggled with the “what if I fail right away” conundrum, and I think that’s why so many people say screw it to resolutions.

So instead, this year, I want to take a simpler different route. No dieting, no impulsive gym membership, and DEFINITELY no failed attempts at giving up Diet Coke for the umpteenth time.

This year I want to be present. It’s a difficult goal to set because I constantly bounce between clients at work, friends, family, and all of my own personal projects, which makes it extremely difficult for me to slow down and lean in.

Now, I briefly debated making my goal to quit overcommitting, but that’s who I am. I dream up ridiculous ideas and start to execute them before I’ve finished the other three projects. Which in 2016 I also learned is okay. It’s okay to hit pause on a project without feeling like you’ve given up. This year I’m going to hit pause more often to pay closer attention to the people, places, and projects that I’m invested in.

This year, I’m going to listen closer, learn as much as I can, and love deeper. Even if that means hitting pause more often than I’m used to or want to. To hold myself to that, I designed these printables but I hope they will help you with whatever your goal or resolution is as well.

Cheers to 2017






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