Bachelorette Bracket: An Erectile Dysfunction Expert, A Hipster, and A Bachelor Superfan

It’s that time of year again! Grab the remote, favorite red blend, and a writing utensil, because IT’S BACHELORETTE SEASON!

The adorable JoJo is back to find a man. Sorry ’bout your heartbreak Jo, but I’m happy to watch you flirt with a bunch of men rather than any of the other contestants from last season.


Here are my season highlight predictions:

  • JoJo’s weirdly obsessive brothers will make a reappearance or two
  • Evan (job title: Erectile Dysfunction Expert) will make an uncomfortable joke as he exits the limo
  • Nick Viall will probably try to wiggle his way back into the reality TV circus (give it up already, Nick)
  • JoJo’s mother will hopefully be crushing bottles of champagne, like we saw in the previous season

AND the excitement doesn’t stop there. This year’s contestants have the most hilarious job titles yet, including “bachelor superfan” and hipster”.

Download and print your bracket with your friends, mom, grandma, whomever, and take bets to see who is the master of predicting true reality TV-love.

Options for filling out your bracket:

  1. Fill it in week by week. So for tonight, fill out week one BEFORE the episode aires. Then you will see if your picks survive the first rose ceremony, and continue filling out your weeks before the episode airs.
  2. Fill it out 30 minutes prior to the end of the episode (This is what me and my friends do. It’s much for fun to make your guesses after you can remember which contestants you like).
  3. Fill out the entire bracket. I find this to be much more difficult and don’t understand it as much, but my sister and her friends do it this way, so I thought I would throw it out there.



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