Off The Screen & Onto Paper

There is no better feeling than when pen hits paper. Whether you’re scribbling chicken scratch in a diary or making mindless sketches over your meeting notes, the idea is to get off your screen into a sketchbook (as I sit and write this blog on my Mac):


No one knows this better than Shona Brooks, a self taught Minnesota artist. Shona has been drawing coloring book pages long before adult coloring books hit the shelves of Michael’s (of which you can find a collection of her own books).


Many will notice the consistent patterns in an adult coloring book, most which are generated through a computer program. The beauty of a Doodle Your Day Away book is that no line is exactly the same because they are all hand drawn.


With a collection of over 300 drawings, Shona is constantly looking for ways to change it up. Her designs are printed on pint glasses, greeting cards, hand towels and possibly even wallpaper in the future! Can you imagine an entire room as a coloring book? It sounds like the activity I needed as a child as I was getting scolded for coloring on the walls.

FullSizeRender 56.jpg

What to say to your boss when she catches you coloring at your desk:

A research study found that the effects of coloring create a meditation-like state. It is said that coloring has the therapeutic potential to reduce anxiety and bring about mindfulness. More interestingly enough, researchers found that simply doodling had no effect on the subject, whereas coloring mandalas allow us to turn off our brains and focus in the moment.

Intrigued? Grab your own Doodle Your Day Away products at Lowertown Pop this Saturday, or in her Northfield store, The Goat.

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