Pretty On Paper: A Well Designed Resume

In the cut throat world of applying for jobs, finding a way to make yourself stand out is vital. Yes, that first sentence was intense and dramatic, but the same is true about competing for jobs after graduation.

Even if you have the outgoing personality and wit that is sure to charm the pants off of any interviewer, you still need to get to the interview room, which means finding a way to stand out among hundreds, or thousands of other applicants.

After applying for over 250 jobs with no success, media production graduate, Adam Pacitti, decided that the best way to stand out was to use the rest of the money he had to rent a billboard, basically begging someone to hire him.


Long story short: It worked. He received over 60 job offers from this stunt and found a way to break through the hundreds of applicants flooding in.

Although this is a very drastic measure to take, a simpler step to begin with is a well designed resume. In my own experience, having a designed resume allows you to show a little personality on paper, while breaking through the mess of other boring resumes that have made it through the pre-screen.

Now, just because it is a “designed resume”, does not mean it needs to look like that of an artist or graphic designer. Adding a few subtle colors, thought out font choices, and a logo will make you look polished and professional from the start.

Tips on writing your resume (Gathered from my favorite professors and industry professionals):

  1. Use key words from the job application to ensure that your resume will pass through the pre-screen system
  2. Do not include your home address or high school information. Having a pinpointed location while applying out of state could cause an interviewer to be apprehensive about speaking with you.
  3. Differentiate between “professional experience” and “work experience”. This way, you can include experiences that apply to your desired field, even if it was not necessarily a job.
  4. Include a skills section to quickly identify things that the position is asking for.
  5. The “objective” and “summary” portions are not necessary. This information should be discussed in your cover letter.
  6. Keep it short and sweet. Resumes should stay around one page. Yes, we all understand that you have many accomplishments, but your high school jobs are no longer necessary. Only choose the things that show skills in your desired career path.


Unless you have plans to buy a billboard any time soon, a designed resume is a great start to getting noticed, and I would love to help you get there.

Submit your resume for design!

I have designed the resumes above and would love to help anyone spice up their page of accomplishments.
Designed resume PDF (not editable) – $20
Designed resume PDF and fully editable InDesign document – $30
Full branding package (Resume and coverletter template fully editable InDesign document and personal logo for business cards, website, etc.) $50

Email your resume (PDF or Word Doc) to and which package you would like to begin your design.

Best of luck to all of those desperately seeking employment!

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