Mom, Can I Have A Pixelstick for Christmas?

In the age of Photoshop, Instagram, and looking at life through filters, we are used to viewing images that do not truly exist in the real world. If only these images made us “ooh” and “ahh”, like the fantasy world of light painted photography does.


Stemming back to 1889light painting is not a new concept, but recent technology is bringing new life to the medium.

Pixelstick is a new photography product on the market that is changing the way people look at long exposure and light photography. For those who are not familiar with slow shutter photography, the most basic explanation is that the camera records the image for a longer amount of time, and during this time is when the Pixelstick is moved, creating an image painted with light.


So, what is it?

Pixelstick is a 6 foot aluminum rod made up of 198 full color RGB LED lights. The stick has an attached handle for the user to be able to twist, turn, and guide the stick as the image is being recorded.


This new techy product was born on Kickstarter in 2009 and has been on the market for one year now. Predetermined colors, ribbons, and images can be loaded onto the stick via SD card and the user is able to move stick to create interesting light streaks.


Not only can Pixelstick be used for images, but has animation capabilities as well. The company also offers free image packs including flames, art, food, and movie characters, among other options.

In an interview with WIRED Magazine, Pixelstick creator Duncan McCloud Frazier said they like to think of it as “bringing new equipment to an old sport”.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran when it comes to light painting, or looking for a new hobby, Pixelstick seems to have endless possibilities. Needless to say, I know what the one and only thing on my Christmas list is this year…

Watch the Pixelstick in action here:

*All images are from the Pixelstick website

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