Writing Cover Letters: A Dismal Hobby

Today on my first day on the job as a Jr. Art Director, I was taken off guard when I was asked the question, “What are your hobbies?” 

It’s a simple enough question , right? I could have said blogging, reading inspiring creative writing, taking photos, playing with my dog, etc. But instead of saying any of these remotely interesting things, I panicked to find the words.

It wasn’t until later in the night, when it came time to rewind my whole day that I re-examined my answer. Honestly, right now, my hobbies are dismal. For anyone wondering what I’ve been doing for the past 4 months of my life, it’s been anything but exciting. My days have consisted of working 60 hour weeks while worrying about what it means to refinance a loan and learning the definitions of deferment and delinquent. When I wasn’t worried about money, I was hunting the internet for any jobs that I had the slightest interest in, and then spent hours refining and tweaking cover letter after cover letter. 

Then came the responses. I left college in a blur of “congratulations”, but to my surprise, no one mentioned how much rejection was about to come my way. For anyone on the job hunt or starting it in the future, get ready for your self-confidence to get the hell beat out of it.

Through all this, I didn’t give up. Finally a job appeared that matched what I was looking for, a Junior Art Director at FRWD. I knew I needed to find a way to break through all the clutter of the other applicants, as any good advertising does. One line of the job description read, “must be able to quote Jurassic Park”. Having never seen the movie, I decided I would take this snippet and use it to attempt to catch the attention of the creative team, and it did.

After crafting a perfectly good cover letter, I scrapped it and decided to step out of the box. Instead, my cover letter was in the form of an article titled, “Miranda’s Search For Employment (As Told Through Jurassic Park GIFs)“. A couple of interviews later I was ecstatic to accept the position with FRWD.

All in all, I tried new things, showed them what I was passionate about, and tried something unexpected, and it worked.

So to honestly answer Kay’s question, for the past few months my hobbies have been writing cover letters, endlessly scrolling through Indeed, and writing this blog to keep me sane. And all three of these so-called hobbies have landed me my first step to my dream career, and I couldn’t be more excited.


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