Fave Fonts: Inspired By New Girl


Ah, the infamous Jessica Day. If there were any character on TV that I could bring to life and deem my best friend, she would be a first draft pick. What is it that we love about her so much? Her quick wit, her genuine love for life, or her one liners that leave us in stitches. We relate to TV characters because they make us feel that the characteristics we have match theirs, and in some strange logic, once we connect to that character on TV, we become more confident in ourselves. It’s like finding a match when we relate to these characters, and I think that fonts can often give us a similar feeling.

Finding a new font can be an exciting experience for someone who appreciates typography. Each typeface conveys a different feeling and establishes a different connection. I’ve gathered five of my favorite fonts to share. Although they are all script fonts, each of them hold their own personality and quirks, much like the characters that make up a show. Here are my current five favorite script fonts paired with my five favorite quotes from New Girl, which are available for download.


Font: Channel Download Here



Font: Stalemate Download Here

Rushistly Script preview21


 Font: Cheddar Jack Download Here



Font: Caneletter Download Here



Font: Great Vibes Download Here

BONUS: Wallpaper by special request



Font: Rochester Download Here

Fonts, New Girl, and wallpapers that will make you laugh every time you open your laptop, all for free!


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