“Get Shit Done” To-Do List

What happens when we write something down? Do we stop stressing because we no longer need to think about it because we will come back to it on that sticky note?

But wait, what happened to the sticky note? What happens when your thoughts are just a bunch of scattered sticky notes?

When we organize and compartmentalize our thoughts, we live a much more stress free life. Some people use apps to keep them on track, but if you’re anything like me, there’s a good chance you’ve lost or phone or left home without it. (Okay, so there aren’t many people that will leave home without a phone, I may be alone on this one.)

Some people just like the feeling of writing things down and crossing them off. Putting the most monotonous things down on a to-do list, like “do laundry” or “feed dogs” can actually give you a sense of accomplishment once you cross it off. Honestly, if you want to include “wake up” as one of your to do list items, do it. Congratulations! You’ve lived another day. That’s an accomplishment, cross it off.

When making to-do lists, we also need to prioritize them or else they can become a monstrous, scary list of things we haven’t done. Prioritizing by deadline is one of the best ways to get things done. What needs to get done today? What needed to get done yesterday that is now late and needs attention immediately? Do those things first and get them out of the way.

The “Get Shit Done” to do list is the most honest of them all and will hopefully help you get organized.


The “It’s already late, do it now” list

This is exactly what it says it is. Write down the things that you have been meaning to get around to and ends up on your list every single day. Jot it down here and cross off this list first every day. Tasks that weigh on your mind continuously will cause unnecessary stress.

The “eh, get around to it sometime this week” list

Just because it isn’t top priority doesn’t mean these tasks shouldn’t get done as well. This section can be used for things like making dentist appointments, going to the bank, getting your oil changed, etc. By writing down weekly tasks, you will remember to get them done whenever you have some down time.

The “sometime in the near future” list

This list is for the tasks that don’t need to be done immediately but also cant be forgotten. These are things like buying your mom and birthday gift or booking a hotel room for an upcoming trip. Cross them off casually as you complete them.

The “Things I actually need from Target” list

This may be the most important section on your list. We all know the ever so familiar feeling of overloading the cart with unnecessary grabs from the Target clearance shelf. Make a list of what you ACTUALLY need on your weekly (for some, daily) Target run to avoid overspending or forgetting why you went there in the first place. It’s always a bummer when you return home and realize you didn’t get shampoo and milk but you DID somehow manage to grab a new outfit.

Download this free to-do list and get some shit done today.



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