Creative Spaces: Spice Up Your Workspace

Ah, your desk. Arguably your most important acquaintance throughout the day. It’s a love/hate relationship. In the morning, you wake recharged, ready to take on whatever lands on that desk, but by the end of the week you’re wanting nothing to do with it.

Although we can’t keep the work from piling up, we can take pride in the space that we inhabit while we’re there. Who says you have to stare at the padded cushioned walls that muffle the sound of our voice? Even if you have been lucky enough not to be living the cube life, why should you not be inspired while you work from home?

Blank desk walls remind me of an apartment that the landlord tells you that you can’t furnish. “No nails in the wall, no painting, no installing playground slides to the lower level”. Landlords and their rules *eye roll*. Make your work space a place you enjoy being, a place that you inhabit and own. Design it like you would design a room in your dream home. Something that reflects your style, makes you comfortable, and inspires you every day.


You absolutely can’t go wrong with all gold everything. This classy look is timeless and brings some glitz to your workspace. Pair it with your favorite flowers (real or fake, depending on how green your thumb is) and you’re set for success!


Have a job that requires you to take on many tasks at once? Creating a space where you can easily visualize the things you are working on will limit your stress (and to-do list). Even if organization is your highest priority, it doesn’t mean it needs to be black and white task lists. Create boards that will categorize and organize everything on your agenda.


Ever think of adding a fun backsplash of wallpaper to your desk? This can be done at home or in the office. Remember to choose a pattern that will inspire, not overwhelm.


Personalize your space with images you love. Whether it’s of friends and family, your top notch Instagram shots, or inspirational quotes keep you going. My only warning; I would highly avoid hanging all of your selfies (unless you’re Kim K and into that).


Minimalist is more. Just because you don’t enjoy patterns or loud colors, doesn’t mean you should avoid personalization at all costs. For some, a simple black and white theme will help them focus, like looking at a clean slate. Choose some frames and decorations that won’t distract you, but make you feel more at home.

For all of you who are cube bound, here is a freebie to get you started in your space revamp. Frame it, hang it, save it, screensaver it.



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