Fabric Dream Catcher

Skill level: Easy

Scrap fabric
1 doily
1 embroidery hoop


No room is complete without this cute shabby-chic dream catcher! Your first step will be gathering your materials. This project is simple and very inexpensive. Seek out some scrap fabric that you think will go well with your room. Play with different patterns, types of fabric, and maybe even throw in some lace for extra flair. If you can’t find scrap fabric, it is very inexpensive to buy. Winona isn’t the most fruitful town for craft supplies, but you will be impressed with what you can find at Walmart and The Salvation Army. You only need a small amount of fabric, and thick ribbon could be a cute alternative as well!

Once you’ve chosen your material, next up is the most time intensive part; cutting the fabric. You can decide on how much variation in size you want from strip to strip. In the dream catcher featured, the strips are about 1.5” x 3’ to give you a starting point. Variation in patterns and kinds of materials used will give your dream catcher more spunk.


After you’ve cut your strips, move on to your embroidery hoop. You can paint or wrap fabric around the embroidery hoop to cover the wood and give your room a pop of color. Once this has been done, lay out your doily where you want it to fall. You may need to do some trimming because you want to make sure your doily is smaller than your hoop. Once it is trimmed, take the yarn and wrap around the embroidery hoop and through the edges of the doily, attaching it around in a circle. After the yarn has made it all the way around, tie the ends together and then you can go back and adjust it so that your doily lays evenly.

Finally, to attach the fabric strips, cut a small vertical slit in on one end of the fabric and loop your fabric around your hoop and through the slit. This way there is no glue, no dry time, and no mess!


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