Nail String Art

Skill level: Difficult

Wood block
Embroidery Thread


This project is a time consuming one, so don’t expect to finish this in one sitting. The first step is to gather your materials. Much of this project can be left up to personal preference. The first thing you will need is the wood that you want to use to hammer your nails into. Mine was actually a scrap piece of a broken down entertainment center that had been left outside in the rain. I loved this natural distressed look.


Once you find your wood block, you can move on to your design. In this photo, I chose to do words, which may have been a little over-ambitious for my first try at this project. I’m sure you’ve seen the state outlines, like we all have via Pinterest. Choosing a large, less detailed shape would be my suggested route for the first try.

First, cut your design out of paper and tape it to your wood block to give you a guideline. Hammer nails around your design, about a finger’s width apart, to give you an outline with the nails. Take your time during this stage. The hammering can get old quickly, especially to your roommates in the other room, but the result in the end will be much more worth it if you take your time.

The final step is to fill in your design with the string. Embroidery thread is a great option because it is sturdy and comes in many colors, so you will be sure to match any color you need. Wind your thread back and forth, making sure not to miss any nails. A few layers may be needed to fill in certain areas.


After you’ve finished be sure to Instagram your masterpiece for the whole world to see and then find a nice place to display your new piece!

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